Climber Name # Ascents Recorded Notes Exclude reason
Adam Ondra 47

Pushed climbing to new levels with the first 9b+, the first 9c, the first 9a+ flash and multiple 9a onsights.

James Pearson 42

Interview with Tom Randall

Steve McClure 41

At the forefront of british sport climbing. Put up the UKs first 9a+, Mutation and first 9b, Rainman as well as a raft of routes from 8c+ upwards. Also a dab hand on trad with several very hard ascents to his name and some very impressive onsight ascents.

The first time I came to Malham it looked like the easiest crag in the world...

Dave MacLeod 33

Scottish lone wolf who has performed at a very high level across many disciplines. Dave has established or repeated almost all the hard climbing in Scotland, from 8B+ boulder problems to grade XI winter routes.

Features in Cutting Loose.

Daniel Woods 31
John Redhead 30
Dan Varian 29

Prolific first ascentionist with some of the UKs hardest problems to his name.

Features in Life on Hold.

Jerry Moffatt 29

At the forefront of british climbing form the early eighties to mid-nineties. Along with Ben Moon Jerry established many hard firsts in the UK, Germany, France and USA including historic ascents such as The Face, Revelations and Liquid Ambar.

He was an early proponent of bouldering in it's own right. From early ascents on the Bowderstone he went on to put up a host of hard classics such as The Ace at Stanage and Dominator in Yosemite.

Features in The Real Thing, Stone Love, 80's Birth of Extreme, Statement of Youth.

Portrait by Chris Gore

Johnny Dawes 26

Interview with Niall Grimes.

Features in 80's Birth of Extreme.

Ben Moon 25

Helped push the cutting edge of sport climbing in the 80s and 90s. FA of many hard sport routes and boulder problems in the UK including classics such as Voyager SDS and Hubble.

Interview with Simon Lee

Features in The Real Thing, Stone Love, 80's Birth of Extreme, Statement of Youth.

Ron Fawcett 25

At the top of the scene in the mid 70s and early 80s and one of the first professional climbers in the UK.

Ron famously climbed 100 extremes (i.e. routes graded E1 or harder) in a day in 1986 starting at Froggatt then going on to Stanage, Burbage and finishing at Curbar. This feat is even more impressive when you consider that Ron was not just picking the easiest routes available: Downhill Racer (E4), Heartless Hare (E5) and Ulysses or Bust (E5) feature among the hard routes that he climbed.

Interview with Andy Pollitt.

Will Bosi 25

One of the new generation of climbers who has come up through the comp scene and applied his talents to the rock.

Andy Pollitt 24

Features in Statement of Youth.

North Stack Wall, 1980s.

Pete Dawson 24

James McHaffie 23

Prolific north wales based trad machine who's also a very capable sport climber. One of the best onsight climbers in the UK with over a hundred E7 onsights to his name. He's also completed some impressive challenges, such as the 100 lakes extremes in a day.

At the time of writing James is a few routes off completing the Extreme Roch challenge.

Interview with RockClimbingUK

Alex Megos 22

German power house who was forged in the Frankenjura.

Interview with RockClimbingUK

Ned Feehally 22

Prolific peak district explorer and first ascenionist. Has also repeated many hard problems at home and abroad.

Interview with Niall Grimes

Interview with Simon Lee

Features in 56° Underground, Life on Hold, UKC Profile of Ned.

Ryan Pasquill 21

Dave Graham 20

The wizard.

Giuliano Cameroni 20

Aidan Roberts 19

Owner of some of the steeliest fingers in UK climbing.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk 19

The Curious Climber Podcast

Interview with RockClimbingUK

Pete Robins 18

Prolific North Wales developer.

Interview with RockClimbingUK

Alex Barrows 17
Jim Pope 17

Peak district based climber's climber.

Author of the seminal Big Balls and Ground Falls.

Jordan Buys 17
Pete Whittaker 17

One half of the WideBoyz.

Features in Without a Partner: Rope Solo of El Cap in Under 24rhs

Sébastien Bouin 17

Buster Martin 16
Chris Sharma 16

Took sport climbing in to the modern era by cementing the 9a+ and 9b grades with a string of cutting edge ascents.

Features in Rampage, Best of the West.

Drew Ruana 16

James Squire 16
John Gaskins 16

Breaker of hearts.

Interesting interview with him here, courtesy of Simon Lee. Some footage of John climbing on his board is also available from the same interview

Many ascents disputed. In particular, problems like Pill Box Wall and Shadowplay do not stack up. Some legitimate ascents (e.g. Anaesthesia is on video) but none of his super hard problems.

Good analysis from Dan Varian on this thread

Because of the uncertainty around so many of his ascents he's been excluded from all lists.

Fred Nicole 15
Dave Mason 14
Malcolm Smith 14

An early adherent of training on a woody who put his strength to excellent use, putting up many of the hardest problems in the UK from the early 90s to early 2000s.

Features in Splinter, a short portrait by Ben Pritchard, Stone Love.

Phil Davidson 14

Pex hill resident and prolific North Wales activist in the 70s and 80s.

Phil sadly passed away from cancer on 15th February 2021.

Obituary by Mike Owen.

Urban legend (round Pex Hill at the time [early 1980s]) had it that after pulling through the crux of Right Wall, he called across to the photographer and asked him if he had enough shots, or did he need him to down climb it and do it the crux again! [1]

As somebody from Warrington he was an inspiration and legend. Never forgot the time I saw him turn up at Pex on his motorbike. Then reverse soloed Dateline in his leather jacket with his helmet hanging for in his arms. I could swear he was wearing trainers. [2]

Though our favourite stomping grounds often overlapped I only met Phil a handful of times. The first time, appropriately, was at Pex. The quarry was empty and I was committed about two thirds the way up Hart's Arete. Phil appears and I ask if the top is ok. "Aye" Phil mutters, and walks off. Of course, the top of Hart's is the only place at Pex where the top slopes. Next time we met he'd forgotten his earlier sandbagging of me and accused me of playing the same trick on him in the Peak (I don't know who had, but it wasn't me). He was the ultimate competitor, though one that I know had many deeply loyal friends. [Andy Popp, 3]

Phil used to claim to Joe [Healey] he didn’t train. Joe told me about calling round for him to go climbing one day. His mum answered, said he was training with weights in his bedroom, told Joe he was always training! [4]

UKClimbing logbook





Ben Bransby 13

Nearly ticked every route on stanage (only Mother of Pearl and Marbellous remain at the time of writing).

Hazel Findlay 13

Hazel is one of the co-hosts on The Curious Climber Podcast.

John Allen 13

John was a prolific and gifted climber who established a host of hard, classic routes on his local gritstone crags in the peak district.

Lines that had been eyed up by many fell to this prodigious young talent. He climbed Old Friends when he was just 14 and continued adding quality new first ascents from there, such as Hairless Heart, White Wand, Profit of Doom and London Wall which were climbed within a 2 week period at age 16!

While later climbers pushed the numbers up John added a plethora of high quality lines such as West Side Story at Burbage West.

Obituary on UKClimbing by Graham Hoey.

Molly Thompson-Smith 13

Very capable comp climber who has a solid track record on rock too.

Tom Bolger 13

Tom is an expat living in Spain, where he has done most of his harder climbing.

Micky Page 12

Features in Life on Hold.

Shauna Coxsey 12

Two time boulder world cup winner.

Stefano Ghisolfi 12

Dan Turner 11

Owner of one of the all time great psyche screams. See

Dan's Youtube Channel

Eliot Stephens 11
Emma Twyford 11

North wales based crusher.

Jakob Schubert 11
Jimmy Webb 11

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