Alasha | 9a Deep water solo at Port de Sóller |

The crux is an 8A boulder 15m up!

The route is named after first ascenionist Chris Sharma's daughter.

Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Jakob Schubert
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Added at 17:10 on 10 October 2021
Jakob Schubert
Added at 14:07 on 20 July 2023
Jakob Schubert
Added at 10:06 on 15 June 2024
Michael Piccolruaz
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Added at 13:09 on 29 September 2023


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Chris Sharma Deep Water Solo | worked Sep 2016
First ascent.
Jakob Schubert Deep Water Solo | worked 10th Oct 2021 9a
Michael Piccolruaz Lead | worked 26th Sep 2023 9a
Third ascent.

Together with Jernej Kruder we started working on it right away only to find out that the lower part was soaking wet. And this struggle with the conditions continued for almost the entire trip. And as so often it ended up becoming a last day best day kind of situation. A key hold entering the crux just wouldn't dry up so I had to put tinfoil on it to prevent my fingers from getting wet and like this make it somewhat climbable. The ascent was quite epic then. I had my crew of friends there supporting me and cheering and on my first go of the day I stuck my previous highpoint on the absolute limit saving myself through to the saving right hand jug. The last moves to the lip of the wall were thankfully all in control and I got to fully experience the rollercoaster of emotions hanging on the top jugs of Alasha so high above the sea. Definitely a dream come true. What a King line! [2]