The Story of Two Worlds | 8C Boulder problem at Cresciano

Low start to The Dagger. See also The Story of Two Worlds (Low Start) and The Story of Three Worlds.

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Ryuichi Murai
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Added at 19:12 on 12 December 2021
Solly Kemball-Dory
Added at 19:12 on 16 December 2022
Emil Abrahamsson
Added at 14:01 on 27 January 2023


13 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Graham Boulder (Worked) 9th January 2005

The new standard

Paul Robinson Boulder (Worked) 8th March 2011

Second ascent. The problem didn't go down without a bit of a fight, after Paul dabbed a tree right at the end of the problem before coming back to finish it off a few days later.

Jernej Kruder Boulder (Worked) 4th January 2013

Fourth ascent.

Giuliano Cameroni Boulder (Worked) 9th February 2014

yes! unbelievable! this problem is one of the most complete I have ever seen. in the morning, the end was completely wet, but luckily in the afternoon it was almost dry. 3rd go today after falling down at the end on the first and the second try cause I slipped with the hand and the hook. but the battle against this boulder is not finish, on the other side there is Dreamtime!

Gabriele Moroni Boulder (Worked) 18th February 2014
Toru Nakajima Boulder (Worked) March 2014

Martin Stráník Boulder (Worked) 17th November 2015
Luis Gerhardt Boulder (Worked) 24th March 2019
Ryuichi Murai Boulder (Worked) 30th November 2019

Austin Purdy Boulder (Worked) 1st January 2020
Marco Müller Boulder (Worked) 12th January 2022
Solly Kemball-Dory Boulder (Worked) 14th December 2022

Emil Abrahamsson Boulder (Worked) January 2023