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Updated Laura Rogora.

Added media for Laura Rogora's ascent of Terapia d'urto.

Added ascent of Terapia d'urto for Laura Rogora.

Added climb Terapia d'urto, 9a+.

Updated climb Le Dernier Atrocity.

Updated ascent of Coronary Bypass for Alison Monks.

Added ascent of Louis Left for Liam Fyffe.

Updated climb Bloodsport LH.

Updated ascent of Bloodsport LH for Joe Wilson.

Added climb Pretty Girls Make Graves, E6.

Added ascent of Mecca Extension for Oliver Hill.

Added climber Oliver Hill.

Added ascent of Bhai Po for Will Bosi.

Added ascent of Bhai Po for Beto Rocasolano.

Added climb Bhai Po, 8B+.

Added ascent of Ben's Roof for Anna Wild.

Updated ascent of Divine Moments of Truth for Tom Pearce.

Updated climb Darwin Dixit.

Added media for Jorge Díaz-Rullo's ascent of Darwin Dixit.

Updated ascent of Darwin Dixit for Jorge Díaz-Rullo.