Revelations | 8b Sport route at Raven Tor


Antoine Le Menestrel
Added at 09:02 on 07 February 2021
Antoine Le Menestrel
Added at 21:05 on 24 May 2021


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Jerry Moffatt Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1984 (approx)

The start has gotten harder over time. Originally 8a+.

Ron Fawcett Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1984 (approx)
Antoine Le Menestrel Solo (Worked) 08 Aug 1985

An astonishing ascent of one of the hardest routes in the UK at the time.

Around 4 o'clock, an impulse tells me that now's the time, everything is there, near. I am at the foot of the route, my head is empty, my body filled with concentration. JB [Jibe Tribout] leaves me for the first boulder and will take pictures. The moves are linked in perfection; no hesitation, no unnecessary movement, no tension, just total concentration all the way to the top. I climbed into a state of grace as I had never before climbed. A small sling around the waist allows me to descend into the arms of JB. Once again, our friendship is deepened. I'm not aware of anything except that I am happy. [1]


The ascent was recreated by Ned Feehally in Statement of Youth.

Leah Crane Lead (Worked) 04 Sep 2017 (approx)

First female ascent?