Liquid Ambar | 8c+ Sport route at Lower Pen Trwyn |

Originally given 8c but upgraded following repeats.

Contributors: remus

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Jerry Moffatt
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Jerry Moffatt
Added at 09:01 on 14 January 2021
Jerry Moffatt
Added at 18:03 on 01 March 2021
Jerry Moffatt
Added at 22:02 on 27 February 2021
Ben Moon
Added at 17:10 on 09 October 2023


8 recorded ascents, including 3 unsuccessful ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jerry Moffatt Lead | worked 30th Mar 1990 8c
Ben Moon Lead | worked 1991
Second ascent. 5 sessions.
Nic Sellars Lead | did not finish Jun 1993

Tried but was perhaps hampered by lack of transport and the distance from Sheffield

Richard Simpson Lead | worked 15th Jun 2004 8c
4 sessions.

In the context of his other claims there is doubt around this ascent, however his belayer Dan Tounley has been contacted (by Chris Doyle) and has confirmed the ascent:

Yes, I can confirm Rich done these routes [Liquid Ambar, Hubble] as I belayed him. Makes me laugh that people are doubting him. I tried to log on to U.K Climbing website when I read about the story but unfortunatly my schools sever wouldn't let me (I am in Thailand). Maybe people will stop doubting him now! Maybe he upset someone, I know he can be an arrogant little twat sometimes!!! [1]

Simon Lee has separately been in touch with Dan to confirm the ascent.



[2] Interview in On The Edge Issue 140, August/September 2004, Page 12

Pete Robins Lead | worked 25th Aug 2009
Kieran Forrest Lead | worked 6th Jul 2020
Ed Morgan Lead | did not finish

See interview in [1].


[1] The Power of Climbing (1991) by David Jones, page 145

Neil Carson Lead | did not finish


[1] Neil tried the route but struggled with the moves lower down so decided to invest his time in Big Bang instead.