Liquid Ambar | 8c+ Sport route at Lower Pen Trwyn

Originally given 8c but upgraded following repeats.


Jerry Moffatt
Added at 18:03 on 01 March 2021
Jerry Moffatt
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Jerry Moffatt
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Jerry Moffatt
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5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Jerry Moffatt Lead (Worked) 30 Mar 1990

Richard Simpson Lead (Worked) 15 Jun 2004

Rich suggested 8c.


In the context of his other claims it is unclear whether this ascent happened. However his belayer Dan Tounley has been contacted and did confirm the ascent:

Yes, I can confirm Rich done these routes [Liquid Ambar, Hubble] as I belayed him. Makes me laugh that people are doubting him. I tried to log on to U.K Climbing website when I read about the story but unfortunatly my schools sever wouldn't let me (I am in Thailand). Maybe people will stop doubting him now! Maybe he upset someone, I know he can be an arrogant little twat sometimes!!! [1]


Pete Robins Lead (Worked) 25 Aug 2009

Third ascent.,10607.msg216123.html#msg216123

Kieran Forrest Lead (Worked) 10 Jul 2020 (approx)

Ben Moon Lead (Worked)

Second ascent.