Contributing is built on the great work of the people who have added climbers, climbs and media to the database. All contributions, large or small, are greatly received! If in doubt please just email and we can help.

I've seen a single climber/climb/ascent that is missing

Have you spotted a gap that just needs to be filled? A climb that is interesting, a climber that had some good stories or a first ascent with history? The easiest way to get these added in is just to email us at and we can record the information for you.

I want to add a few bits and pieces

If you want to contribute on an ongoing basis you can sign up for an account. Anyone with an interest in climbing and mountaineering history is welcome.

I've got some cool photos/videos I want to make public

Have you got some cool climbing or mountaineering pictures you'd like to make available? These could be anything from some cool shots of interesting characters when you were growing up, or shakey shoe cam footage of an interesting ascent that was otherwise unrecorded. If they're historically interesting we'd love to host them for all to enjoy.

If you've got a larger collection of material that you're interested in archiving please also get in touch as we'd love to help preserve the material for others to enjoy.

A guide for contributors

Please do not copy content that you do not have permission to use. If you do want to use content you do not own e.g. a brief quote from a quidebook then style it correctly and provide a reference.
Looking for something to help with?

Want to contribute buit not sure where to start? Here's a few easy things you can do:

Tips and Tricks

So you're signed up and you want to start adding information, here's a few tips to help you along the way.

  1. Before adding something do a search (see the search box in the menu bar) to see if it exists already. If you're searching for a climber, searching for the last name is usually more likely to find a match then first name only. It can also be worth trying alternative spellings.
  2. If the search doesn't turn up what you're looking for then there's links on the search results page for adding a climb, climber or summit with the name you just searched for.
  3. When adding something to the database we ask for a minimal set of information (e.g. name and nationality for climbers). For climbs you can optionally also link to the climb page, this serves as a useful external reference.
  4. Wherever possible try and provide a reference for an ascent. Ask yourself "If someone else wanted to verify this information, how could they do it?" A link to a news article, for example, is a great way to verify information.