Necessary Evil | 8c+ Sport route at Virgin River Gorge | |

Bolted by Boone Speed.

A direct start to Route of All Evil bolted in 1991 by Boone Speed, and the first 8c+ in America established by an American, the soon to be famous Chris Sharma.

Jim Thornburg writing in Climbing magazine #168:

Speed worked on the sick-looking direct start and reckoned that an ascent of the entire route would be like climbing two 5.14a's back-to-back. After a finger injury put Speed out of commission, it seemed likely that the route would gather cobwebs until some visiting Euro arrived to snake yet another American testpiece. [1]



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Chris Sharma
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Chris Sharma
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Chris Sharma
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8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Chris Sharma Lead | worked 17th Mar 1997
First ascent.

Age 15. Chris had been climbing for a little over 3 years when he made the ascent, at the time one of the hardest routes in the US alongside Just Do It.




Tommy Caldwell Lead | worked 1998
Second ascent.
Dave Graham Lead | worked 20th Nov 2001
James Litz Lead | worked 19th Dec 2004
3 sessions.
Daniel Woods Lead | worked 28th Oct 2006
4 sessions. Sixth go.
Mike Doyle Lead | worked 13th Feb 2015
Adam Ondra Lead | worked 24th Feb 2015
Second go.
Paige Classen Lead | worked Feb 2018