Master's Wall, Clogwyn Du'r Arddu (Cloggy)

E7 Trad climb


Jerry Moffatt
Added at 08:02 on 26 February 2021
Jerry Moffatt
Added at 22:03 on 08 March 2021
John Redhead
Added at 21:03 on 10 March 2021


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Jerry Moffatt Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1983 (approx)

John Redhead Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1984 (approx)

Margins is more strenuous and technical but Master's is a much harder lead. The crux and substance of the route done in 1980 by myself.

Leo Houlding Lead (Onsight) 01 Jan 1996 (approx)
James McHaffie Lead (Worked) 01 Jul 2018 (approx)