Voyager | 8B Boulder problem at Burbage

Around 2019 some pebbles broke on the crux holds making the problem slightly harder.

Pics + Vids

Tom Newman
Added at 11:01 on 30 January 2021
Hamish Potokar
Added at 20:02 on 01 February 2021
Ben Freeman
Added at 10:01 on 07 January 2021
Jonny Argue
Added at 17:02 on 05 February 2021
Will Bosi
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Added at 20:01 on 24 January 2022
Will Bosi
Added at 18:02 on 13 February 2022


14 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ben Moon Boulder (Worked) 16th Nov 2005
Dan Varian Boulder (Worked) 26th Apr 2011
Micky Page Boulder (Worked) 28th Nov 2011
Tom Newman Boulder (Worked) Nov 2012

Hamish Potokar Boulder (Worked) 4th Jan 2015

Mark Katz Boulder (Worked) 24th Jan 2015,10607.msg473547.html#msg473547

Ben Freeman Boulder (Worked) 21st Feb 2015

Ned Feehally Boulder (Worked) 16th Jan 2016
Jonny Argue Boulder (Worked) Feb 2016

James Noble Boulder (Worked) 5th Feb 2016
Nathan Phillips Boulder (Worked) 15th Feb 2016

Ash Wolsey-Heard Boulder (Worked) 15th Feb 2019
Will Bosi Boulder (Worked) 20th Jan 2022

Jerry Moffatt Boulder (Worked)