About climbing-history.org

Climbing History is about gathering together interesting material on historical rock climbers, climbs and ascents. This covers everything from modern ascents of hard sport climbs and boulder problems to the some of the earliest explorations on rock.

It is a voulenteer led project so if you are interested in getting involved just sign up here. The only criteria for what can be included is that it is of some historical interest, so whether you want to write up a comprehensive history for a particular climber or route or you just want to add a cool picture just get in touch. I'm also interested in preserving historically interesting material such as photo collections, new route books and old magazine articles, just get in touch if this is something you are also interested in.

Climbing History...history

It originated from a fine tradition of list making on UKBouldering.com, in particular these threads

Over time the lists became more difficult to maintain (for example if the grade of something changed) and the format became a bit limiting in what information could be recorded. I fancied making something a bit more full featured so I built this.

The core structure of the site is that there are climbs and climbers, and climbers ascend those cimbs. There's some extra stuff built on top of this like grades, ascent styles and climb types (sport, boulder problems etc.) The lists are generated from the underlying data.


I'd like to thank UKClimbing.com for their kind permission to link in to their database of climbs, in particular the crag pages are powered by the excellent work they have done over the years.

I would like to thank everyone on UKBouldering who contributed to the list threads that started it off, without the depth of climbing geekery present there this project would never have gotten started.

I would like to thank Phil Kelly who runs The Rock Archivist facebook page for his laudible work in preserving new route books in the UK.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the hundreds of climbers, guidebook authors and historians who have worked tirelessly over the years to research and collate information on the climbs, climbers and ascents that make up the rich history of climbing.