Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra is widely considered to be the best rock climber in the world.

He has established or repeated many of the worlds 9bs, put up the first 9b+ with Change and the first 9c with Silence. He's onsighted multiple 9as and became the first person to flash 9a+ when he climbed Super Crackinette on his first try. He is also an extremely strong boulderer with multiple ascents of boulders up to 8C+.

While his hardest ascents are notable what sets Adam apart from his contemporaries is his depth of experience. At the time of writing he has onsighted 64 8cs, 21 8c+s, 3 9as and climbed 188 routes graded 9a or harder. He has also won the world cup 7 times and the world championships 5 times.


[1] Adam's logbook


Silence (9c, FA)
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Change (9b+, FA)
Added at 17:12 on 18 December 2020
Just Do It (8c+)
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Robin úd (9b, FA)
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Gioia (8C+)
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Eagle-4 (9b, FA)
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Chaxiraxi (9b, FA)
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020
Fight or Flight (9b)
Added at 21:02 on 01 February 2021
Rainman (9b)
Added at 14:02 on 02 February 2021
Jade (8B+)
Added at 16:02 on 05 February 2021
Disbelief (9b, FA)
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Added at 12:02 on 10 February 2021
Weiße Rose (9a)
Added at 19:07 on 08 July 2021
Meiose (9a+)
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Added at 06:10 on 05 October 2021
El Potro (9a, FA)
Added at 12:03 on 15 March 2021
Nordic Flower (8c+)
Added at 08:07 on 26 July 2021
Belly Full of Bad Berries (E8)
Added at 17:08 on 31 August 2021
La Ley Indignata (9a)
Added at 05:05 on 27 May 2021
Super Crackinette (9a+)
Added at 16:06 on 30 June 2021
Il Domani (9a)
Added at 21:04 on 05 April 2021
La Rambla Extension (9a+)
Added at 09:07 on 03 July 2021
Southern Smoke Direct (9a)
Added at 06:07 on 05 July 2021
Gecko Assis (8B+)
Added at 06:07 on 05 July 2021
Overshadow (9a+)
Added at 07:07 on 05 July 2021


64 recorded ascents.

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Silence 9c (Lead) 03 Sep 2017

The first 9c in the world and a new benchmark in sport climbing. Adam spent a lot of time training specifically for the route, going as far as to strengthen his calves so he could get a better rest out of the kneebars.

Change 9b+ (Lead) 04 Oct 2012

The first 9b+ in the world.

La Dura Dura 9b+ (Lead) 07 Feb 2013

The second 9b+ in the world. Bolted by Chris Sharma, the pair worked the line together until Adam made the first ascent. Chris made the second ascent shortly afterwards making it the world's first confirmed 9b+.

Vasil Vasil 9b+ (Lead) 04 Dec 2013

From Adam's logbook:

2 years and 20-25 days on this thing. It is definitely not mega line, it is painful, short and in dirty place. But it was there, I bolted it 5 years ago and I couldn't leave it unclimbed. It is basically one-mover. 7 meters of burly 8b route into hard boulder problem, which is 8B+ on itself for sure. One single move is at least 8B. Very frustrating process of making no progression for long days, but when it finally happened, on super cold sticky day, it felt like nothing. In a short moment it was all over. Short, but LONG awaited moment. I am so happy.

La Capella 9b (Lead) 16 Feb 2011
La Planta de Shiva 9b (Lead) 07 Apr 2011
Chilam Balam 9b (Lead) 13 Apr 2011

Adam suggested low 9b, while acknowledging that he did the route quickly and wasn't too sure on the grade.

Chaxiraxi 9b (Lead) 27 Mar 2013

Iron Curtain 9b (Lead) 03 Aug 2013
Move 9b (Lead) 20 Aug 2013
C.R.S. 9b (Lead) 02 Nov 2015

What a moment! Extremely satisfying ascent, nice to feel the progression on the real rock. This route bolted from Seb Bouin is just ultimate power endurance testpiece, combining desperately physical overhang with extremely thin holds on the very top. Last try, last day, 3 days in total and 1 try two years ago. Never did the "real" 9b so fast, not even close:-) This cliff (close to St Leger) is the future, ranked number 2 after Flatanger for me in terms of 9b's and more...and it is not secret spot any more...

Robin úd 9b (Lead) 05 Oct 2016

Mamichula 9b (Lead) 02 Feb 2017
Queen Line 9b (Lead) 18 Apr 2017
Move Hard 9b (Lead) 10 Jul 2017
One Slap 9b (Lead) 13 Nov 2017
Eagle-4 9b (Lead) 13 Feb 2018

Disbelief 9b (Lead) 20 Jul 2018

From Adam's logbook:

Project from Calgary climber Josh Muller who worked on it quite a bit and actually did all the moves! Took me 8 days of effort, mental battle with one low percentage. In the end, I think it is pretty high-end 9b, but I do not have the courtage to call it 9b+. 7C+ into 8C boulder without any rest into easy finish.

Golpe de Estado 9b (Lead) 13 Mar 2010

From Adam's logbook:

HUGE relief for me, mission accomplished despite various obstacles - notoriously strong wind, injury, flu and stomach ache just before the second trip (thus I was out of shape). After first day in the route I did not expect I would have to dedicate so much time, but proved to be really hard and mischevious. 29 tries (mental torture for me!) during 14 days, but some days only go when I found out it is just too windy to climb at 6th bolt. I do not say it is hard 9b after breaking the hold, but 100% it is 9b now (a bit harder than Marina).

Fight or Flight 9b (Lead) 10 Feb 2013

First Round, First Minute 9b (Lead) 03 Feb 2014
Stoking the Fire 9b (Lead) 19 Feb 2016
Lapsus 9b (Lead) 20 Apr 2017
Neanderthal 9b (Lead) 12 Feb 2019
Rainman 9b (Lead Did not finish)

Pure Dreaming Plus 9a+ (Lead)
La Rambla Extension 9a+ (Lead) 10 Feb 2008

5th go, without resting hold [although] it is nonsense to consider it as prohibited

Open Air 9a+ (Lead) 17 Nov 2008

Second ascent.

Overshadow 9a+ (Lead) 16 May 2011

Second ascent.

Meiose 9a+ (Lead) 27 Jan 2018

Second ascent. Adam suggested 9a+ [1].


Super Crackinette 9a+ (Lead Flash) 10 Feb 2018

The first ever flash of a 9a+ route.

Qui 9a+ (Lead) 19 Sep 2019

Adam suggested 9a+.

2nd ascent after 23 year, FA Stefan Furst in 1996. It took me over 10 years and roughly 10 days. 1st day this year. Stefan gave it 9a, possibly something have broken, but very possibly it has not got much harder due to breaks. I believe it is more 9a+ now, even though the crux is very hard to grade. The difficulty is not to be underestimated as the first 8c section is suprisingly tiring and makes the crux so much harder. [1]

[1] Adam's comments on

El Potro 9a (Lead)

Weiße Rose 9a (Lead) 13 Sep 2008

Second ascent.

Adam suggested it could be 9a+:

Yess! very solid for that grade in my opinion, with good conditions much better, maybe 9a+ I do not know

Om 9a (Lead) 14 Jun 2009

Second ascent.

North Star 9a (Lead) 02 May 2010

Second ascent.

4th go, normal 9a for tall [people], harder for short ones

Northern Lights 9a (Lead) 03 May 2010

Second ascent.

Rainshadow 9a (Lead) 17 May 2011

Second ascent.

Honestly one of the best climbs I have done, only Raindogs could be less polished

Southern Smoke Direct 9a (Lead Flash) 30 Oct 2012

Cabane au Canada 9a (Lead Onsight) 09 Jul 2013

Long-term dream came true when I did not even expect it. I travelled to this incredible area, thinking that the route would be pretty dirty and abandoned after a long winter, but I found it perfectly cleaned with the draws hanging in. I admit that it is definitely not hard 9a, it definitely rather lower end, but it fits my style, I felt in very decent shape and I fought hard! For the first time in my life, I onsighted a route which had been suggested 9a and I could honestly believe that it could be in the 9a region. For all the others it was simply not case, even though it is very hard to judge it while you are onsighting. Beautiful moment and experience in the early morning session in some of the most breathtaking sportclimbing-wall I have ever seen.

Il Domani 9a (Lead Onsight) 04 May 2014

TCT 9a (Lead Onsight) 11 Jul 2014
La Ley Indignata 9a (Lead) 09 Nov 2020

Total Eclipse 9a (Lead Did not finish)

Adam suggested 8c+/9a after coming close.

Directa Rodillar 8c+ (Lead) 06 Nov 2020
Nordic Flower 8c+ (Lead Onsight) 09 Jul 2012

Putting the draws in!

Pure Imagination 8c+ (Lead Onsight) 02 Nov 2012
The Golden Ticket 8c+ (Lead Onsight) 02 Nov 2012

Chromosone Y 8c+ (Lead Flash) 13 Dec 2014
Just Do It 8c+ (Lead Onsight) 10 Nov 2018

An incredible onsight given the technical nature of the climbing.

A dream :-)

Warmduscher 8c+ (Lead Onsight) 01 Jan 2020 (approx)

If you asked me what was last year’s best sport-climbing achievement for me 🙏, I would probably reply “Warmduscher”.

Le Super Plafond 8c+ (Lead Onsight)
WoGü 8c (Lead) 26 Jul 2008
Bat Route 8c (Lead Onsight) 16 May 2011

The first 8c to be onsighted in the UK.

Les Massey Ferguson 8b+ (Lead Onsight) 29 Dec 2020
Magnetic Fields 8b (Lead Onsight) 29 Apr 2010
Totally Free II 8b (Lead Onsight) 29 Apr 2010
Austrian Oak 8b (Lead Onsight) 29 Apr 2010
Full Tilt 8b (Lead Onsight) 03 May 2010

Narrowly missed out on True North dropping the last boulder problem.

Mandela 8a+ (Lead Onsight) 03 May 2010
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Gioia 8C+ (Boulder) 06 Dec 2011

A fairy-tale end of physical and mental battle, spent 11 days in total on this problem, the same as on Terranova, therefore I go for 8C+ from the same reasons. Thumbs up Christian for the vision and excitement to keep trying over and over again, I knew it is possible, Christian saw just a piece of incredible impossible-looking rock.

Jade 8B+ (Boulder Flash) 08 Jun 2015 (approx)

Gecko Assis 8B+ (Boulder Flash)

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Belly Full of Bad Berries E8 (Lead) 01 Nov 2018 (approx)

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date