Biographie, Céüse

9a+ Sport route

Bolted in 1998 by Jean-Cristophe Lafaille and given the name Biographie it was later renamed Realization by the first ascenionist Chris Sharma. In line with French tradition the line is now known by the original name, Biographie.


Chris Sharma
Margo Hayes
Sébastien Bouin


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Chris Sharma Lead (Worked) 01 Jul 2001 (approx)

A breakthrough in Chris' climbing and one of the hardest routes in the world at the time.

Alex Megos Lead (Worked) 11 Jul 2014

Third go!

Stefano Ghisolfi Lead (Worked) 23 Jun 2015 (approx)
Margo Hayes Lead (Worked) 25 Sep 2017 (approx)

First female ascent.

Sébastien Bouin Lead (Worked)