Bat Route | 8c Sport route at Malham Cove

7b in to 7B with a kneebar rest, followed by an 8a+ headwall.

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Buster Martin
Added at 09:12 on 19 December 2020
Alex Megos
Added at 22:12 on 11 December 2021


32 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mark Leach Lead (Worked) 1989
Tony Mitchell Lead (Worked) Before 1st January 1991


[1] The Power of Climbing (1991) by David Jones, page 192

Neil Mawson Lead (Worked) September 2010
Adam Ondra Lead (Onsight) 16th May 2011

The first 8c to be onsighted in the UK.

Stuart Littlefair Lead (Worked) 2nd October 2011
James McHaffie Lead (Worked) 6th April 2012
Jon Freeman Lead (Worked) 14th May 2013
Buster Martin Lead (Worked) 2nd July 2013,10607.msg413187.html#msg413187

Ted Kingsnorth Lead (Worked) 17th May 2014 8b+
Alex Megos Lead (Worked) June 2014

Adam Jeeworth Lead (Worked) 5th June 2014
Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Lead (Worked) 29th May 2015

James Turnbull Lead (Worked) 18th September 2016
Pete Dawson Lead (Worked) 2nd October 2016

Thrid go!

Nic Duboust Lead (Worked) 15th October 2016
Maddy Cope Lead (Worked) 29th April 2017

Sam Williams Lead (Worked) 2019
Matt Cooke Lead (Worked) 9th May 2019
Jerome Mowat Lead (Worked) 9th September 2019

Jim Hulbert Lead (Worked) 18th September 2019
James Ibbertson Lead (Worked) 2nd December 2020
Toby Roberts Lead (Worked) 11th September 2021
Tom Frost Lead (Worked) 19th September 2021
Mathew Wright Lead (Worked) 23rd September 2021
Rhoslyn Frugtniet Lead (Worked) 21st May 2022

Tom Newberry Lead (Worked) 22nd May 2022
Louis Lancaster Lead (Worked) 28th September 2022
Rob Napier Lead (Worked)
Sam Whittaker Lead (Worked)
Charlie Woodburn Lead (Worked)
Will Kelsall Lead (Worked)
Adam Harrison Lead (Worked)