Nordic Flower | 8c Sport route at Flatanger

Extension of Nordic Flower L1.

Originally given 9a, consensus is around 8c/+.

Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Adam Ondra
Added at 08:07 on 26 July 2021


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Adam Ondra Lead | onsight 9th Jul 2012

Putting the draws in!

Climbing with 30 draws at the beginning felt like hell! That was the crux for me. [1]



Alan Cassidy Lead | worked 12th Aug 2014
Jakob Schubert Lead | onsight May 2016
Domen Škofic Lead | flash 29th May 2016
Piotr Schab Lead | onsight 27th Aug 2017
Moritz Welt Lead | flash 17th Aug 2021