Mandela | 8a+ Sport route at Kilnsey

Contributors: remus


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mark Leach Lead | worked Before 1st Jan 1991

Pre-1991. [1]

[1] The Power of Climbing (1991) by David Jones, page 192

Steve McClure Lead | flash 2002

It's one of those routes that're much easier to flash than on-sight. If you didn't know a key piece of information you wouldn't know where to go - knowing what to do it felt more like 8a+. [1]


[1] On The Edge 122, page 14.

Adam Ondra Lead | onsight 3rd May 2010
Jenny Woodward Lead | worked 6th Sep 2010
Tanya Meredith Lead | worked 29th Jul 2021
Ella Russell Lead | worked 5th Aug 2021
Naomi Buys Lead | worked