Asagimadara | 8C Boulder problem

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Tomoa Narasaki
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Added at 12:11 on 01 November 2021


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Tokio Muroi Boulder | worked
First ascent.
Toru Nakajima Boulder | worked Mar 2014
Second ascent.

Asagimadara is such an impressive line. It's located on a big boulder, and independent of any other problem. You start standing with a three finger pocket and a crimp. The first five moves are the crux of this problem and the second move to a far pocket is especially hard for me. After the crux, the next eight moves to a small ledge are easier, but since I tried it ground up, I couldn't predict holds and movement I should do. Actually, holds were dirty and I fell from this section two times. The top out is very easy, but it was also dirty and I felt nervous.

I took five days to climb this problem. Tokio Muroi made the first ascent of this amazing problem without boulderingpads.



Tomoa Narasaki Boulder | worked 21st Oct 2021
Third go.