Move | 9b+ Sport route at Flatanger |

Adam originally suggested 9b/+ but Sébastien Bouin suggested a rare upgrade after his ascent.

Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Adam Ondra
Added at 14:12 on 24 December 2021
Sébastien Bouin
Added at 18:12 on 18 December 2020


2 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Adam Ondra Lead | worked 20th Aug 2013 9b/9b+
First ascent.

9b/b+ or just HARD 9b. Took me 2 weeks and half, while feeling strong and with bomber conditions. This route was hard for me, one my hardest, though Change is probably harder to repeat, as it fits my style WAY MORE. [1]



Sébastien Bouin Lead | worked 17th Jun 2019 9b+

The hardest route I did at the moment. One of the coolest. It's an amazing line in an amazing crag.