Bon Voyage | E12 (approx) Trad climb

See also Le Voyage.

Starts up Le Voyage before breaking left across poor pockets to an arete.

The grade here is total speculation as none was offered by James Pearson after the FA. Suffice to say it's hard.

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James Pearson
Added at 08:02 on 20 February 2023
James Pearson
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Added at 18:02 on 09 February 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
James Pearson Lead (Worked) Between 1st Jan 2023 and 9th Feb 2023
First ascent.

I loved the process, unlocking the puzzle, & I also feel grateful to have found such a wonderful hard line. I've spent years searching for really hard trad routes & I know how rare they are. Rarer than hard sport lines because you need not only the holds, but also protection. And where there's gear, there are often big holds, making them easier. Bon Voyage feels like a miracle in that it has an 'only-just-there' improbable line of tiny bullet hard sandstone holds, with only just enough gear to make it safe and justifiable.



[2] Interview on the Lattice Training Podcast