Gecko Assis | 8B+ Boulder problem at Rocher De Bouligny |

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Adam Ondra
Added at 06:07 on 05 July 2021
Nathan Phillips
Added at 08:01 on 12 January 2021
Ben Preston
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Added at 13:04 on 19 April 2023
Charles Albert
Added at 14:01 on 13 January 2021
Charles Albert
Added at 14:01 on 13 January 2021


7 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Tyler Landman Boulder | worked 11th Feb 2009
Adam Ondra Boulder | flash 11th Dec 2011 8B

A notorious dilemma with the grade, fits perfectly my style, height and conditions were awesome. But the second climbing day, a bit tired and not fully on the limit. I would love to record it as 8B+, but it just did not feel like 8B+... that is my feeling

Kevin Lopata Boulder | worked 14th May 2013
Nathan Phillips Boulder | worked 14th Dec 2018
Ben Preston Boulder | worked 11th Apr 2023
Dave Barrans Boulder | worked
Charles Albert Boulder | worked