Just Do It | 8c+ Sport route at Smith Rock

The first 8c+ in the USA. Bolted by Alan Watts in 1989.

Pics + Vids

Ryan Palo
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Paige Classen
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Drew Ruana
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Kilian Fischhuber
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Ted Kingsnorth
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Adam Ondra
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17 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jean-Baptiste Tribout Lead (Worked) 01 Apr 1992 (approx)

First ascent. Date not exact http://novebi.ning.com/group/smithrockclimbing/forum/topics/1389802:Topic:20521


Marc le Menestrel Lead (Worked) 01 May 1994 (approx)

2nd ascent - see news report from Allez magazine issue 4 http://king-dino.blogspot.com/2011/04/allez-southern-californias-crag-mag.html Pic by Steve Lewis who met him out there and witnessed the ascent. I understand there are further pics in On the Edge mag in 1994 or maybe 1995 https://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crags/smith_rock_or_smith_rocks-3025/

Jean-Paul Finne Lead (Worked) 01 Apr 1995 (approx)

3rd ascent - see news report from Allez magazine issue 4 http://king-dino.blogspot.com/2011/04/allez-southern-californias-crag-mag.html

Chris Sharma Lead (Worked) 01 Apr 1997 (approx)

First American ascent. 3 days' work, famously taking jumper off mid-route. https://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/climbing/alan-watts-climbing-interview.html

Marko Lukic Lead (Worked) 01 Oct 1997 (approx)

8 days' work https://www.kozjak.org/odprava_prikazi.php?pid=23 https://www.libreriadesnivel.com/revistas/escalar/indice/?page=79&order=titulo

David Hume Lead (Worked) 01 Oct 1999 (approx)

In only 4 tries, soon after establishing Thanatopsis 8c in the RRG https://www.saclimb.co.za/news1999.html https://www.mountainzone.com/climbing/99/interviews/brown/

Sonnie Trotter Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 2000 (approx)


Ethan Pringle Lead (Worked) 15 May 2006 (approx)


Enzo Oddo Lead (Worked) 01 Oct 2010 (approx)


Jonathan Siegrest Lead (Worked) 08 Jun 2011 (approx)


Ryan Palo Lead (Worked) 19 May 2012 (approx)

First central Oregonian to climb 5.14c! https://www.bendsource.com/bend/the-paleo-diet-local-crusher-ryan-palo-recently-became-the-first-central-oregonian-to-climb-514c-at-smith/Content?oid=2178460 https://vimeo.com/56333259

Paige Classen Lead (Worked) 01 May 2014 (approx)

Just Do It was the culmination of all those years of practice. No more half committed efforts. No more wobbling. No fear, no doubts, no second guessing. I had to climb confidently and I had to try harder than I’d ever tried in my life. https://vimeo.com/101821686

Drew Ruana Lead (Worked) 22 Nov 2014


Said Belhaj Lead (Worked) 01 Nov 2015 (approx)

https://www.8a.nu/news/said-belhaj-just-did-just-do-it-8c https://lyofood.com/pages/said-belhaj-in-the-usa

Kilian Fischhuber Lead (Worked) 13 Oct 2017


Ted Kingsnorth Lead (Worked) 02 Jun 2018


Adam Ondra Lead (Onsight) 10 Nov 2018

An incredible onsight given the technical nature of the climbing.

A dream :-)