True North | 8c Sport route at Kilnsey

See also Full Tilt.

Kilnsey's first 8c.

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Ted Kingsnorth
Added at 07:11 on 11 November 2021


25 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Tony Mitchell Lead | worked Jul 1993
First ascent.
Ian Vickers Lead | worked 1997

Ian's first 8c!

When I first dogged up it putting the clips in, I did every move bar the last slap but my feet were all wrong. On my second go I managed all the moves and some good links, so I went for the redpoint and found myself at the top. [1]

[1] On The Edge 71, Oct. 1997

Chris Cubitt Lead | worked Before 1st Jan 2004
Malcolm Smith Lead | worked Jun 2007
Gareth Parry Lead | worked 14th Jul 2009
Jordan Buys Lead | worked 13th Jul 2010

First of the grade.

Richard Waterton Lead | worked Aug 2010
Rob Sutton Lead | worked 22nd May 2011
Alan Cassidy Lead | worked 9th Jun 2011
Bob Hickish Lead | worked 16th Jun 2011
Matt Pickles Lead | worked 12th Jul 2011
Neil Mawson Lead | worked 19th Aug 2012
Tim Palmer Lead | worked Jun 2013

Date a guess but pre 2014

Jon Freeman Lead | worked 15th Jun 2013
Alex Megos Lead | worked Jun 2016
Second go.

Second go.

Pete Dawson Lead | worked 14th May 2017

First redpoint!

Ted Kingsnorth:

Pete Dawson did True North 1st redpoint this afternoon in about 2 hours. It was one of the most impressive redpoints I have seen. Pete had never been on the bottom pitch before, Full Tilt 8b. We gave him beta for all of True North and he went up it bolt to bolt in about 20 - 30 mins working out the moves. Then after 2 people had had their own redpoints, Pete did it from bottom to top!! Our jaws were pretty much on the floor when he lowered back down!

Ted Kingsnorth Lead | worked 20th May 2017
Chris Smith Lead | worked 18th Jun 2020
Kieran Forrest Lead | worked 12th Aug 2020
Billy Ridal Lead | worked 11th Jun 2021
Matt Cooke Lead | worked 29th Aug 2022
Alex Norton Lead | worked 29th May 2023
Gordon Lennox Lead | worked Jun 2023
Anna Wild Lead | worked 13th Jun 2023
Mike Grey Lead | worked