Strong British Male Route Climbers

The best British male sport climbers.

This list aims to list any male British sport climber who has climbed 8c or harder. It attempts to be definitive in terms of the people included but does not attempt to enumerate every relevant ascent.

125 entries on the list.

Climber Grade Climbs
Will Bosi 9b La Capella, King Capella
Steve McClure 9b Rainman
Josh Ibbertson 9b Rainman
Tom Bolger 9a+ Gancho Perfecto, Ciudad del Dios
Buster Martin 9a+ First Ley
Ryan Pasquill 9a Rainshadow, Jungle Speed, Bain de Sang, Stevolution, Speed Intégrale
Alex Barrows 9a Era Vella, Belly's Gonna Get Ya, Preposterous Tales, Bad Girl's Club
Toby Roberts 9a Stevolution, Hubble, Batman, Rainshadow
James Pearson 9a Ça Chauffe, Escalatamàsters, Condé de Choc
Pete Dawson 9a Rainshadow, Cabane au Canada, Hubble
Ben Moon 9a Hubble, Rainshadow
Malcolm Smith 9a Hunger, Hubble
Stevie Haston 9a Hugh, Descente Lolita
James McHaffie 9a Big Bang, The Meltdown
Will Smith 9a Estado Crítico, Era Vella
Franco Cookson 9a The Meltdown Extension, The Meltdown
John Dunne 9a Total Eclipse
Neil Carson 9a Big Bang
Steve Dunning 9a Hubble
Jordan Buys 9a Rainshadow
Stuart Littlefair 9a Rainshadow
Micky Page 9a The Illusionist
Dave MacLeod 9a Hunger
Alex Waterhouse 9a The Fly
Hamish McArthur 9a Jungle Speed
Kieran Forrest 9a Big Bang
Mathew Wright 9a Hubble
Angus Kille 9a Escalatamàsters
Luke Dawson 9a Rainshadow
Felix Wilkins 9a Stevolution
Pete Robins 8c+ The Pink Star, Sea of Tranquility, Megalopa, Liquid Ambar, Dark Energy, Diamond Dogs
Ted Kingsnorth 8c+ Just Do It, Sabotage, Kabaah is Futile, Progress, Kaa'bah
Jim Pope 8c+ Eye of Odin, Mr. Hyde, Kaa'bah
Jerry Moffatt 8c+ Liquid Ambar, Evolution
Paul Smitton 8c+ Bah Bah Black SHeep, Kaa'bah
Stew Watson 8c+ Mordor, One Night Stand
Chris Savage 8c+ Espacio Oceano, Progress
Alan Cassidy 8c+ Nordic Flower, Metalcore
Gaz Parry 8c+ Blomu R3, Supersonico
Oli Grounsell 8c+ Radar Ez, Megalopa
Ethan Walker 8c+ Evolution, Kaa'bah
Jon Freeman 8c+ Sabotage, Progress
John Welford 8c+ The Bastard
Nic Sellars 8c+ Evolution
Ken Palmer 8c+ Brian
Neil Dyer 8c+ Megalopa
Ben Davison 8c+ Eye of Odin
Tim Palmer 8c+ Progress
Ellis Butler-Barker 8c+ Brian
Pete Whittaker 8c+ Kaa'bah
Dawid Skoczylas 8c+ The Wild West
Neil Gresham 8c+ Sabotage
Haydn Jones 8c+ Kaa'bah
James Noble 8c+ Superman
Billy Ridal 8c+ Mr. Hyde
Mike Hart 8c+ Dark Energy
Wiz Fineron 8c+ Mr. Hyde
Tim Emmett 8c+ Superman
Tom Newberry 8c+ Spicy Noodle
Neil Mawson 8c True North, Raining Bats and Dogs, Sex After Climb, Espacío Tiempo, Mecca Extension, Bat Route, Cry Freedom
Mark Leach 8c Maginot Line, Cry Freedom, Make it Funky, Bat Route
Matt Cooke 8c Something for Nothing, Bat Route, Raining Bats and Dogs, Cry Freedom
Rupert Davies 8c Devolution, Make it Funky, Seraphim
Bob Hickish 8c Mecca Extension, Endeavour, True North
James Turnbull 8c Raining Bats and Dogs, Epic Adventures, Bat Route
Chris Smith 8c Mistic, True North, Battle Cat
Matt Broadhurst 8c Troll Hammer, Nordic Plumber, Mecca Extension
Alex Norton 8c Make it Funky, Hajj, Mistic
Tony Mitchell 8c True North, Bat Route
Ian Vickers 8c True North, Wonderwall
Richard Waterton 8c Raining Bats and Dogs, True North
Matt Pickles 8c Overjustified, True North
Dave McLoughlin 8c Devolution into Waddage, Hajj
Ben Bransby 8c Full Empire, The Beast
Adam Jeeworth 8c Raining Bats and Dogs, Bat Route
Jerome Mowat 8c Bat Route, Cry Freedom
Nathan Lee 8c Mecca Extension, Fish Eye
Finn Hayward 8c Fish Eye, Mind Control
Mark Edwards 8c Nuts Are Not the Only Fruit
Mark Pretty 8c Make it Funky
Drew Haigh 8c Cry Freedom
Dave Redpath 8c Devastation Generation
Robin Sutton 8c True North
Paul Reeve 8c Cry Freedom
Matt Donnelly 8c Mecca Extension
Aidan Roberts 8c Freakshow
Gordon Lennox 8c Dracula True Finish
Ian Cooper 8c The Death Star
Alexis Perry 8c The Death Star
Chris Doyle 8c The Holy Grail
Nic Duboust 8c Bat Route
Ally Coull 8c Magnum Opus
Eli Hardie Howes 8c Florida
Al Wilson 8c Cry Freedom
Ben Freeman 8c Aladdin
Ed Mowbray 8c Mecca Extension
Ollie Torr 8c Mecca Extension
Ally Smith 8c The Pirate
Sam Williams 8c Bat Route
John Thornton 8c Groovyfied
Jim Hulbert 8c Bat Route
Cailean Harker 8c The Death Star
James Ibbertson 8c Bat Route
Oliver Hill 8c Mecca Extension
Tom Frost 8c Bat Route
Kevin Avery 8c La Bénédiction
Charlie Woodburn 8c Bat Route
Adam Harrison 8c Bat Route
Adam Jeffs 8c Cry Freedom
Mike Grey 8c True North
Rob Napier 8c Bat Route
Sam Whittaker 8c Bat Route
Adrian Baxter 8c Kalandraka
Will Kelsall 8c Bat Route
Richard Heap 8c Make it Funky
Robin Barker 8c Make it Funky
Jon Clark 8c Mecca Extension
Robbie Philips 8c Especio Tempo
Char Williams 8c Mecca Extension
Max Milne 8c Dracula True Finish
Jacob Cook 8c Revival
Eddie Barbour 8c China Beach
Ian MacDonald 8c T1 Full Equip
John Maskell 8c Fish Eye
Ed Hamer 8c Tiger Cat