Northern Lights, Kilnsey

9a Sport route

Bolted by Ben Moon in 1993 and then tried extensively. Despite coming close around 1995 was unable to finish the route due to a combination of poor conditions and injury.


Ben Moon
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Will Bosi
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Will Bosi
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Josh Ibbertson
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6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Steve McClure Lead (Worked) 18 Jul 2000

Steve cemented himself as the top sport climber in the UK, taking over from Moon and Moffatt and leading sport climbing in the UK in to a new era.

Ben Moon Lead (Did not finish) 01 Jan 1995 (approx)

Ben has been trying the route again in recent years and has now had over 100 sessions on it.

Adam Ondra Lead (Worked) 03 May 2010

Second ascent.

Alex Megos Lead (Worked) 01 Jun 2016 (approx)

Will Bosi Lead (Worked) 11 Jun 2021

2 sessions. Belay on the successful go from Ben Moon!

Josh Ibbertson Lead (Worked) 27 Aug 2021