Hubble, Raven Tor

9a Sport route

Originally graded 8c+ but regarded to be 9a now. This would make it both the first 8c+ and first 9a in the world.

Approximately 8B/+ boulder problem in to a 7c upper section.


Ben Moon
Ben Moon
© Moon Collection
Ben Moon
Ben Moon
Steve McClure
Alex Megos
Will Bosi
Pete Dawson
Buster Martin
John Gaskins


10 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Ben Moon Lead (Worked) 14 Jun 1990

The first 9a in the world.

While working the route Ben managed to drop the french 7c upper section after climbing the start, much to the horror those watching. However he came back a few days later and finished the job.

Ben originally gave it a grade of E9+ 7b/8c+.

Malcolm Smith Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1992 (approx)
Steve McClure Lead (Worked) 30 Jul 2009

A real milestone, possibly my biggest achievement in climbing, even bigger perhaps than overshadow. Hubble is special, it's a massive trophy and a world icon with a real history.

Alex Megos Lead (Worked) 31 May 2016 (approx)

Will Bosi Lead (Worked) 25 Oct 2016

Pete Dawson Lead (Worked) 13 Aug 2019

Mathew Wright Lead (Worked) 30 Sep 2020
Buster Martin Lead (Worked) 11 Oct 2020

Steve Dunning Lead (Worked)
John Gaskins Lead (Worked)

Because of questions around many of his other ascents it is unclear whether John climbed this route.