Fish Eye | 8c Sport route at Oliana

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Janja Garnbret
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Added at 12:11 on 03 November 2021
Taisei Homma
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Added at 10:12 on 22 December 2023


15 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Daila Ojeda Lead | worked Feb 2010
Maja Štremfelj Lead | worked Apr 2010
Klemen Bečan Lead | onsight Dec 2011
Matilda Söderlund Lead | worked 19th Mar 2013
Third go.
Mar Álvarez Lead | worked 30th Jun 2013
Hazel Findlay Lead | worked 6th Apr 2014
Lucy Mitchell Lead | worked 5th Jan 2017
Stefano Ghisolfi Lead | onsight 8th Jan 2017
Janja Garnbret Lead | onsight 1st Nov 2021

I felt super good, very relaxed and focused. I didn’t panic if I didn’t see a sequence right away, I was super chilled. I think I climbed pretty fast, and rested where I thought was appropriate. I took some time on the last slabby section because there was no chalk anywhere and I really didn’t want to fall there. [2]



Nathan Lee Lead | worked 4th Mar 2022
Taisei Homma Lead | onsight 15th Dec 2023
Solveig Korherr Lead | worked 31st Dec 2023
Solveig Korherr Lead | worked Jan 2024
Second go.
Finn Hayward Lead | worked

Aged 15.

John Maskell Lead | worked