Fish Eye | 8c Sport route at Oliana

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Janja Garnbret
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Added at 12:11 on 03 November 2021


11 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Daila Ojeda Lead (Worked) February 2010
Maja Štremfelj Lead (Worked) April 2010
Klemen Bečan Lead (Onsight) December 2011
Mar Álvarez Lead (Worked) 30th June 2013
Hazel Findlay Lead (Worked) 6th April 2014

The first 8c by a british woman.

Lucy Mitchell Lead (Worked) Between 5th Jan. 2017 and 5th Jan. 2018
Stefano Ghisolfi Lead (Onsight) 8th January 2017
Janja Garnbret Lead (Onsight) 1st November 2021

I felt super good, very relaxed and focused. I didn’t panic if I didn’t see a sequence right away, I was super chilled. I think I climbed pretty fast, and rested where I thought was appropriate. I took some time on the last slabby section because there was no chalk anywhere and I really didn’t want to fall there. [2]



Nathan Lee Lead (Worked) 4th March 2022
Finn Hayward Lead (Worked)

Aged 15.

John Maskell Lead (Worked)