Big Bang | 9a Sport route at Lower Pen Trwyn

Jerry Moffatt had some early attempts on the route but gave up on the line.

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James McHaffie
Added at 11:01 on 24 January 2021
James McHaffie
Added at 17:01 on 26 January 2021
James McHaffie
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Added at 13:05 on 08 May 2024
Emma Twyford
Added at 11:01 on 27 January 2022


5 recorded ascents, including 1 unsuccessful ascent.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Neil Carson Lead | worked 6th Dec 1996
First ascent.

Wales' first 9a and the second in the UK.

When I finally did it it wasn't really a big celebration...not initially anyway...It was just a case of "Right, I don't want to come back here"...I didn't climb for a month, didn't touch rock, didn't touch anything. It was a strange period actually, I completely lost motivation.

James McHaffie Lead | worked Jul 2011
Emma Twyford Lead | worked 17th Sep 2019
Third ascent. First female ascent.

The first British woman to climb 9a, skipping 8c+ in the process.



Kieran Forrest Lead | worked 28th Aug 2020
Fourth ascent.
Ben Moon Lead | did not finish