The Meltdown, Twll Mawr

9a Sport route

Jerry Moffatt and Johnny Dawes trying Meltdown in the 80s.


James McHaffie
Johnny Dawes
Ignacio Mulero


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
James McHaffie Lead (Worked) 01 May 2012 (approx)

Guessed the date based on the blog post.

Johnny Dawes Lead (Did not finish) 01 Jan 1985 (approx)

Johnny put in some excellent links (estimated to be in the 8c/+ range) way back in the day, when 9a would have been the hardest climbing in the world.

Ignacio Mulero Lead (Worked) 27 May 2018 (approx)

Second ascent. Suggested 8c+/9a.