The Hardest Sport Routes in the World

A list of all the sport routes 9b+ or harder that have currently been climbed, including details of the first ascent.

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14 entries on the list.

Climb Grade First Ascent Repeats
1 Silence 9c Adam Ondra, 3rd Sep 2017 -
2 DNA 9c Sébastien Bouin, 26th Apr 2022 -
3 B.I.G 9c Jakob Schubert, 20th Sep 2023 -
4 Change 9b+ Adam Ondra, 4th Oct 2012 Stefano Ghisolfi, Sébastien Bouin
5 La Dura Dura 9b+ Adam Ondra, 7th Feb 2013 Chris Sharma
6 Move 9b+ Adam Ondra, 20th Aug 2013 Sébastien Bouin
7 Vasil Vasil 9b+ Adam Ondra, 4th Dec 2013 -
8 Perfecto Mundo 9b+ Alex Megos, 9th May 2018 Stefano Ghisolfi, Jakob Schubert
9 Bibliographie 9b+ Alex Megos, 5th Aug 2020 Sébastien Bouin, Stefano Ghisolfi, Jorge Díaz-Rullo, Sean Bailey
10 Beyond Integral 9b+ Sébastien Bouin, 22nd Oct 2020 -
11 Suprême Jumbo Love 9b+ Sébastien Bouin, 1st Nov 2022 -
12 Zvěřinec 9b+ Adam Ondra, 20th Nov 2022 -
13 Excalibur 9b+ Stefano Ghisolfi, 3rd Feb 2023 -
14 Mejorando La Samfaina 9b+ Jorge Díaz-Rullo, 8th Feb 2023 -