Ali Hulk (extension total sit start) | 9b Sport route at Rodellar |

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Dave Graham
Added at 22:12 on 27 December 2020


8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jonatan Flor Lead | worked 29th Jul 2019
First ascent.
Jorge Díaz-Rullo Lead | worked 30th Jul 2019
Laura Rogora Lead | worked 25th Jul 2020

Second female ascent of a 9b.

Dani Fuertes Lead | worked 20th Sep 2020 9b
Dave Graham Lead | worked 29th Sep 2020
Gonzalo Larrocha Lead | worked 11th Nov 2022 9a+
Dani Moreno Lead | worked 13th May 2023 9a

On the verge of multi-organ failure. The sit start adds difficulty but I don't think it changes the grade, for me a good reference 9a in this style.



Enrique Beltrán Blasco Lead | worked 9th Jul 2024 9a