Strawberries | E7 Trad climb at Tremadog (Craig Bwlch Y Moch)

Jack Geldard put together a good article for detailing the history of attempts on the route

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Ron Fawcett
Added at 00:03 on 20 March 2021
Hazel Findlay
Added at 08:01 on 14 January 2021
Andy Pollitt
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8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ron Fawcett Lead (Worked) 01 Apr 1980 (approx)

Ron lead the route in yo-yo style and gave it E5.

Johnny Woodward Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 1982 (approx)

Third ascent.

I first tried it in the Spring of '82 on a dismal, damp and grey day. I was less than motivated to try anything that hard on that particular day, but I was climbing with Jerry Moffatt and he is an enthusiastic and persuasive fellow. The attempt ended predictably, low on the pitch, at the technical crux.

My next try was during the International Exchange Meet with the American crew in September '82. I was with the late Alex Lowe that day, climbing pretty well and keen to try it. I think I fell from the crux twice, then got through it and made it really high on the pitch to a place where I could get a shake. At that point I was so gassed that I was not recovering at all, and after a few minutes it was clear that I was not going to make it that try.

There was a big peanut gallery above the Meshach wall, interested in witnessing some sort of spectacle. I remember being far enough above the gear that I was a bit gripped about breaking the RPs, so I asked Alex to keep taking in the rope till he eventually pulled me off, so that the slack was minimized.

The gear held just fine. I rested and did it the next go. Alex enjoyed telling people of how he once got to pull someone off a route at the end of a run-out. These were the days of placing gear as you went and yoyo-ing back to the belay after you fell. Redpointing was not widely practised in '82 and I do not recall whether I pulled the rope or not.

Stefan Glowcaz Lead (Onsight) 01 Jan 1987 (approx)

Steve McClure Lead (Onsight) 15 Jun 2014 (approx)

Harriet Ridley Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 2022 (approx)
Rachel Pearce Lead (Worked) 24 May 2022
Hazel Findlay Lead (Worked)

Andy Pollitt Lead (Worked)