John Dunne


The New Statesman (E8, FA)
Added at 18:02 on 27 February 2021
Parthian Shot (Pre 2011 Break) (E9, FA)
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11 recorded ascents.

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Total Eclipse 9a (Lead) 01 Jan 1995 (approx)
Predator 8b (Lead) 01 Jan 1988 (approx)
Magnetic Fields 8b (Lead) 01 Jan 1988 (approx)
Austrian Oak 8b (Lead) 01 Jan 1988 (approx)
The Groove 8a+ (Lead) 01 Jan 1988 (approx)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Widdop Wall E10 (Lead) 01 Jan 1998 (approx)
Parthian Shot (Pre 2011 Break) E9 (Lead) 19 Sep 1989

There was a lot of skepticism at the time that John had actually climbed the route but this has subsequently turned out to be baseless.

Divided Years E9 (Lead) 01 Sep 1994 (approx)
The Big Issue E9 (Lead) 01 May 1996 (approx)
The New Statesman E8 (Lead) 01 Jan 1987 (approx)

Carmen Picasso E8 (Lead) 01 Jan 1998 (approx)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date