Gaia | E8 Trad climb at Black Rocks

A classic Johnny Dawes test piece. A hard move gains entry to the groove where easier (but scarier!) climbing awaits before a terrifying finale.

Pics + Vids

Johnny Dawes
Added at 10:03 on 08 March 2023
Jean-minh Trin-Thieu
Added at 18:02 on 21 February 2021
Kevin Jorgeson
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Added at 05:07 on 14 July 2022
Alex Honnold
Added at 21:02 on 07 February 2022
Katy Whittaker
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Added at 09:12 on 01 December 2021
Mark Rankine
Added at 06:04 on 23 April 2023
Sean McColl
Added at 21:02 on 07 February 2022
Caroline Ciavaldini
Added at 18:12 on 02 December 2021
Siebe Vanhee
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Added at 15:11 on 26 November 2021
Siebe Vanhee
Added at 06:04 on 15 April 2022
George Ulrich
Added at 08:02 on 21 February 2021


15 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Johnny Dawes Lead (Worked) March 1986

An impressive effort after minimal top rope practice.

Seb Grieve Lead (Worked) 5th March 1989

Second ascent.

Jean-minh Trin-Thieu Lead (Did not finish) 25th October 1997

The iconic opening scene from Hard Grit.

Lisa Rands Lead (Worked) 2004

First female ascent.

Kevin Jorgeson Solo (Worked) November 2008

Alex Honnold Lead (Flash) 12th November 2008

Not a true onsight since I've seen movies, but there was no chalk. Good times one way or another.

Ryan Pasquill Lead (Flash) 2009,10607.msg427524.html#msg427524

Dave Mason Lead (Flash) November 2013
Katy Whittaker Lead (Worked) 3rd November 2013

Mark Rankine Lead (Ground up) 25th January 2015

Sean McColl Lead (Worked) March 2016

Caroline Ciavaldini Lead (Worked) 24th December 2020

Siebe Vanhee Lead (Flash) November 2021

Issac Buckley Lead (Worked) 15th April 2023
George Ulrich Lead (Did not finish)