Steve Dunning


Elder Statesman (E8)
Added at 12:01 on 30 January 2021


12 recorded ascents.

Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Hubble 9a (Lead)
Tonto 8c+ (Lead) 28 Jun 2006
Cry Freedom 8c (Lead) 17 Jun 2015 (approx)
Indian Summer 8b+ (Lead) 25 Aug 2002
Accelerator 8b+ (Lead) 01 Jul 2006 (approx)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Dreamtime (pre break) 8B+ (Boulder)
Second Coming 8B (Boulder) 01 Jan 2001 (approx)
High Fidelity 8B (Boulder) 01 Jan 2003 (approx)
Ullola 8B (Boulder) 01 Jan 2003 (approx)
Super Furry Animals 8B (Boulder)
Cypher 8B (Boulder)
Climb Grade FA Ascent Date
Elder Statesman E8 (Lead)

Seond ascent.

I watched Steve Dunning do the second ascent. Connies were impressively miserable, windy and showery, I was having difficulty removing hands from pockets to attempt something 17 grades easier. He cheated his way up Elder Crack though, face-climbing around it and never once getting in and grovelling in the approved sequence. [1]



Climb Grade FA Ascent Date