Freerider | 7c+ Multi-pitch at El Capitan

30 pitches.
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Alex Honnold
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Added at 08:12 on 26 December 2022


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Steph Davis Lead | worked 24th Apr 2004

The second woman to free climb el cap after Lynn Hill's first ascent of The Nose.

Exactly a month later Steph freed the entire route in a day.

Calum Coldwell-Story Lead | worked Oct 2016

1 move off the onsight!

Fell on the last move of the 5.13a Boulder problem pitch.. and with that went the flash/onsite of the route. RP 2nd go. Every other pitch lead or seconded 1st go. The Monster Offwidth is unreal! What a beast!!! Tom Newberry pulled out all the stops dispite time pressure and fatigue to get it done as well! BRING ME MY COFFEE!

Alex Honnold Solo | worked 3rd Jun 2017
03hrs 57mins.



Amity Warme Lead | worked 10th Apr 2022
Buck Yedor Lead | ground up