Raindogs | 8a Sport route at Malham Cove

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Chris Gore
Added at 07:02 on 05 February 2022
Rachel Farmer
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Added at 16:02 on 04 February 2022
Toby Roberts
Added at 08:11 on 13 November 2021


15 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Kenyon Lead | worked 1986
First ascent.
Chris Gore Lead | worked 1986

An early repeat.

Neil Carson Lead | worked 1990

Neil's first 8a. Date is approximate.

Rachel Farmer Lead | worked 1992
Steve McClure Lead | worked Oct 1998

The first of many ascents, as Steve went on to add routes such as Rainshadow and Rainman which extend Raindogs.

Katherine Schirrmacher Lead | worked 12th May 2005

Third british woman to climb 8a.


[1] https://www.ukclimbing.com/news/2005/05/schirrmacher_ticks_f8a-17670

Lucy Ellis Lead | worked Sep 2007
Alison Martindale Lead | worked Sep 2007
Chris Sharma Lead | onsight 2009
Shauna Coxsey Lead | worked Mar 2009

Age 16.

Zoe Ogden Lead | worked 16th Apr 2010
Tanya Meredith Lead | worked 2012
Toby Roberts Lead | worked Oct 2015
Ian Cummins Lead | worked
Dave Cuthbertson Lead | worked
Fourth ascent?

Due to some miscommunication with Chris Gore Dave thought the correct style was to place all the draws on every attempt, leading to a slightly longer than expected redpoint process! [1]


[1] http://www.niallgrimes.com/jam-crack-climbing-podcast/2022/10/7/jcpc-120-dave-cubby-cuthbertson