To Bolt or Not to Be | 8b+ Sport route at Smith Rock

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Jean-Baptiste Tribout
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Jerry Moffatt
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Mike Williams
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Ted Kingsnorth
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Nina Caprez
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27 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jean-Baptiste Tribout Lead (Worked) November 1986

Scott Franklin Lead (Worked) May 1987
Jerry Moffatt Lead (Worked) May 1988

Believed 3rd ascent (after Scott Franklin's 2nd).

Bob Horan Lead (Worked) June 1988

Ron Kauk Lead (Worked) July 1988
Alan Watts Lead (Worked) April 1989

Fifth ascent.

Doug Englekirk Lead (Worked) November 1991

Fast, approx 3 days' work.

Steve Schneider Lead (Worked) April 1992
Chris Knuth Lead (Worked) June 1995

Lynn Hill Lead (Worked) 1998

First female ascent.

Tommy Caldwell Lead (Worked) April 1998
Chris Sharma Lead (Worked) April 1998
Beth Rodden Lead (Worked) May 1998

Dave Graham Lead (Worked) 1st April 2000
Steve McClure Lead (Worked) 22nd October 2000
Ian Caldwell Lead (Worked) April 2003

Mark Anderson Lead (Worked) November 2008

Jonathan Siegrest Lead (Worked) 14th May 2010
Ryan Palo Lead (Worked) 29th January 2011
Mike Williams Lead (Worked) 10th June 2012

Drew Ruana Lead (Worked) April 2013

Aged 13.

Peder Groseth Lead (Worked) 29th December 2013
Ted Kingsnorth Lead (Worked) 25th March 2014

3rd British ascent after Jerry Moffatt and Steve McClure

Mike Doyle Lead (Worked) February 2015

Nina Caprez Lead (Worked) November 2017

Jaszna Hodzic Lead (Worked) March 2018

Sonnie Trotter Lead (Worked) November 2018