Parthian Shot, Burbage South Edge

E10 Trad climb

A route with history. Originally climbed by John Dunne who thought the gear behind the flake wouldn't hold a fall. Seb Grieve eventually broke the spell 8 years after the first ascent by making the second ascent and taking some memorable falls in the process, with the route slowly gaining a reputation for being relatively safe. Seb's ascent was caught on film for Hard Grit with Niall Grimes memorably commenting

It held, that shipwreck of a flake actually held!

The route rapidly regained it's dangerous reputation when a visiting canadian climber snapped the flake off while attempting the route ground up. Fortunately he escaped with just a broken ankle.

The route has been re-climbed by Ben Bransby at the very chunky grade of E10, featuring sport 8b climbing and significantly worse gear.


Ben Bransby
Added at 16:01 on 03 January 2021


2 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Ben Bransby Lead (Worked) 19 Nov 2013 (approx)

The first time the route had been re-climbed since the flake broke.

Neil Mawson Lead (Worked) 18 Apr 2014 (approx)