Bain de Sang | 9a Sport route at Saint-Loup |

Translation: Blood Bath. See also Cryptography.
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Josune Bereziartu
Added at 19:01 on 25 January 2023
© Rikar Otegi
Jonas Schild
Added at 08:01 on 19 January 2023


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Fred Nicole Lead | worked Sep 1993
First ascent.
François Nicole Lead | worked After 1st Oct 1993
Second ascent.
Fred Rouhling Lead | worked Nov 2001
Josune Bereziartu Lead | worked 29th Oct 2002
First female ascent.

With this ascent Josune became the first woman to climb 9a.

Ryan Pasquill Lead | worked Apr 2019
Jonas Schild Lead | worked May 2021