Cypher | 8B Boulder problem at Slipstones

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Tim Blake
Added at 07:12 on 13 December 2022
Dave Mason
Added at 21:03 on 15 March 2021


11 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ben Moon Boulder (Worked) Mar 2002

Andy Earl Boulder (Worked) 22nd Nov 2006

Third ascent.

Ryan Pasquill Boulder (Worked) 10th Feb 2011

Dan Varian:

Ryan crushed it in an amazing display of multi talented finger strength, boning the initial pocket to kingdom come and fully booting round to snag the hold as a mono! [2]




Dan Varian Boulder (Worked) Between 10th Feb 2011 and 18th Feb 2011

Tom Newman Boulder (Worked) 26th Jan 2018
Ben Freeman Boulder (Worked) 19th Mar 2020
Sam Mawson Boulder (Worked) Nov 2020
Liam Halsey Boulder (Worked) Dec 2020
Tim Blake Boulder (Worked) 12th Dec 2022

Steve Dunning Boulder (Worked)
Dave Mason Boulder (Worked)