Dreamtime | 8C Boulder problem at Cresciano

See also Dreamtime (pre break).

Originally considered 8B+/C, the crux pinch broke off around November 2009 and it is now considered 8C.


Pics + Vids

Simon Lorenzi
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Added at 07:02 on 03 February 2022
Ryuichi Murai
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Added at 19:12 on 12 December 2021
Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen
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Added at 07:10 on 25 October 2021
Marco Müller
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Added at 07:01 on 18 January 2023
Felipe Camargo
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Added at 16:03 on 22 March 2022
Pietro Vidi
Added at 07:12 on 02 December 2022
Will Bosi
Added at 07:03 on 08 March 2023
Simone Tentori
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Added at 06:02 on 01 February 2023
Martin Keller
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Added at 09:03 on 13 March 2022


17 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Paul Robinson Boulder (Worked) 25th November 2010 8C (soft)

a childhood dream realized. amazing to climb on this perfect boulder. 3rd asc after break. Revisiting the boulder 8C seems fair post break. low end.

Fabian Buhl Boulder (Worked) 13th March 2013 8C
Giuliano Cameroni Boulder (Worked) 6th January 2015
Simon Lorenzi Boulder (Worked) 11th January 2019


Ryuichi Murai Boulder (Worked) 7th December 2019


Yannick Flohé Boulder (Worked) 15th December 2020
Thilo Schröter Boulder (Worked) 16th March 2021
Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen Boulder (Worked) 24th October 2021


Marco Müller Boulder (Worked) 3rd January 2022


Austin Purdy Boulder (Worked) 16th January 2022


Tristan Chen Boulder (Worked) 20th February 2022
Felipe Camargo Boulder (Worked) March 2022


Pietro Vidi Boulder (Worked) 19th November 2022


Will Bosi Boulder (Worked) 6th December 2022

Will was close on the flash, slipping off after the crux! He finished the problem off on his fourth try.


Moritz Welt Boulder (Worked) 29th December 2022 8C (soft)
Simone Tentori Boulder (Worked) January 2023


Martin Keller Boulder (Worked)