The Walk of Life, Dyers Lookout

E9 Trad climb

A route with a complicated history.

An indirect line called 'Dyer Straits' was originally climbed by Ian Vickers that used quite a few pegs. James Pearson then removed the pegs and added a direct start suggesting the lofty grade of E12. The route was quickly repeated by Dave Macleod (who was injured at the time) who suggested a downgrade to E9.


James Pearson
Dave MacLeod


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
James Pearson Lead (Worked) 29 Sep 2008

Dave MacLeod Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 2009 (approx)

Dave Birkett Lead (Worked) 01 Jan 2010 (approx)

When everything settles down as regards the grade and the hype that surrounds it, it will be heralded as a modern extreme classic of the 21st Century.

Charlie Woodburn Lead (Worked) 25 Nov 2010

Ali Kennedy Lead (Worked) 17 Sep 2017

James McHaffie Lead (Worked) 01 May 2018 (approx)