Right Wall | E5 Trad climb at Dinas Cromlech

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Phil Davidson
Added at 10:02 on 17 February 2021
Jill Lawrence
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8 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Pete Livesey Lead (Worked) 1974
First ascent.
Phil Davidson Lead (Onsight) 1977

Fourth ascent, aged just 17! [1]

[1] The Power of Climbing (1991) by David Jones, page 39

Phil Davidson Solo (Repeat) 20th Aug 1982

This solo ascent was a repeat. Phil first onsighted the route in 1977 giving the route it's fourth ascent.

Jerry Moffatt Solo (Worked) 15th Jul 1983
Jill Lawrence Lead (Onsight) 29th May 1984

The first female ascent of an E5 in the UK, 10 years after being unable to second Pete Livesey on the first ascent in 1974.

success on Right Wall was a brilliant personal achievement and the fulfilment of an ambition. It was also a highly significant step in the history of British women’s rock climbing. [1]

[1] Women Climbing: 200 Years of Achievement, Bill Birkett & Bill Peascod, 1989

[2] https://www.facebook.com/pinnacleclubuk/photos/pcb.4740043816078027/4740043739411368/

Angela Soper Lead (Onsight) 1995
Tim Emmett Solo (Worked) 1997


[1] Houlding, L. (2022). Closer to the Edge: Climbing to the Ends of the Earth. United Kingdom: Headline. Chapter 8.

Dave Cuthbertson Lead (Onsight)

An early onsight ascent.

The reputation that went with Right Wall then was massive...I did the route fine. In fact the hardest part was, there was chalk all over the place, and I ended up partly in Lord of the Flies...I got to the top and I thought "Hmm, Scottish E4"! [1]


[1] http://www.niallgrimes.com/jam-crack-climbing-podcast/2022/10/7/jcpc-120-dave-cubby-cuthbertson