Director's Cut | 8B Boulder problem at Parisellas Cave

Lou Ferrino in to Trigger Cut.

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Nathan Phillips
Added at 08:01 on 12 January 2021
Jack Palmieri
Added at 18:02 on 06 February 2021
James Taylor
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Added at 19:11 on 22 November 2021


14 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jamie Cassidy Boulder (Worked) 25th May 2004

World class climbing if you keep your eyes shut!


[1] On The Edge Issue 139, page 12

Malcolm Smith Boulder (Worked) 2004
Alex Barrows Boulder (Worked) 10th November 2012 8A+

Anyone using knees and taking 8B should hang their head in shame.

Tom Williams Boulder (Worked) March 2015

No knees.

Mark Katz Boulder (Worked) April 2016

An 11 year project!

Nathan Phillips Boulder (Worked) 10th May 2016

Chris Doyle Boulder (Worked) 22nd June 2016
Jack Palmieri Boulder (Worked) 15th March 2017

Joe Lawson Boulder (Worked) 4th October 2017 8A+
Pete Dawson Boulder (Worked) 28th March 2018

No knees.

Mike Hart Boulder (Worked) 1st April 2018
James Taylor Boulder (Worked) November 2021

Pete Robins Boulder (Worked)
Neil Dyer Boulder (Worked)