Pilgrimage | 8B+ Boulder problem at Parisellas Cave

A very long boulder problem. Around 8c+ to 9a as a sport route depending on how many knee bars you find.

Chrish Doyle:

Pilgrimage (or The Big Link as it was always referred to) is a historic piece of Welsh climbing. In the early 90s long before the Cave was a popular and recognised bouldering destination an in-form Ben Moon got close to making the FA. The problem was written up in the first Northern Soul despite being a project and its legend grew in Cave circles. In 2004 legendary strong man Malcolm Smith invested considerable time and money (1000 pounds worth of fuel driving down from Scotland) and made the first ascent of the link at 8b+ or F9a.

Pics + Vids

Jack Palmieri
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Pete Dawson
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6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Malcolm Smith Boulder (Worked) 01 Jan 2004 (approx)
Alex Barrows Boulder (Worked) 05 Mar 2013

Second ascent.

In the process of working the problem Alex found a lot of knee bars that were not used on the first ascent and which make the problem easier.




Mike Hart Boulder (Worked) 01 Jul 2016 (approx)

Third ascent.


Jack Palmieri Boulder (Worked) 01 Nov 2017


Pete Dawson Boulder (Worked) 12 Aug 2019


Kieran Forrest Boulder (Worked) 01 Aug 2020 (approx)