Superbloc | 8A+ Boulder problem at Gardoms Edge


Originally given E8, the landing has since been substantially improved to make for a more approachable 8A+.

Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Miles Gibson
Added at 16:11 on 19 November 2023
Miles Gibson
Added at 09:05 on 25 May 2022
Ben Bransby
Added at 22:01 on 27 January 2021
Ned Feehally
Added at 19:12 on 12 December 2023


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Miles Gibson Boulder | worked Feb 2003 E8
Dan Varian Boulder | ground up 6th Dec 2008
Mike Adams Boulder | worked 17th Dec 2008

Tony Simpson (src):

He actually did it 3 times and was static no wild dyno for the top(ish) hold. (he did it 3 times because obvious 1st time but then wanted video which i did for him on my phone but fuc*** up saving it so he did it once more with me using his phone instead. Im sure he will load the vid soon).

Ben Bransby Boulder | worked 2012
Issac Buckley Boulder | worked 5th Mar 2023
Ned Feehally Boulder | worked