The Prow | 8a Sport route at Raven Tor

Originally climbed in three pitches.


[1] Peak Limestone North first ascent supplement

Contributors: remus


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ron Fawcett Lead | worked Jul 1982
First ascent.

Climbed in three pitches.

A free ascent covering about 50% of the line of The Prow Routes, approaching from The Prowler and incorporating a new middle section to the right of the original aid route.

The ascent of Britain’s top super route was spread over three days, graded E7 and rated harder than many 5.13s. Lauded in the climbing press as the hardest route in the world. The original (Mecca) and direct starts remained as aid routes.

Jerry Moffatt repeated the route in one day, abseiling off for a whistle-stop brew at the Wriggly Tin Cafe!

The direct start was freed as Revelations in 1984 and the middle section freed as Rage in 1992. Ron’s version was climbed in one pitch in 2003 by Mark Pretty with a final bolt added by Simon Lee to connect to the Crucifixion belay. [1]


[1] Peak Limestone North, First Ascents Supplement /file/bc3fd0e4-a3ee-a736-1cbf-d68af9f0910e/peak_lime_north_first_ascents.pdf

Jerry Moffatt Lead | worked 1982
Second ascent. 1 session.
Mick Lovatt Lead | worked 1985

In 3 pitches.