Brad Pit, Stanage Plantation

7C Boulder problem

Originally climbed with a desperate feet low sequence (~8B), this was subsequently improved slightly with a toe on the rail (abely demonstrated by Ben Moon in Hard Grit) before some heel hooking technique was applied which lowered the grade to 7C.


Jason Myers
Added at 16:12 on 29 December 2020


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Jason Myers Boulder (Worked) 01 Jan 1995 (approx)
Dalvinder Sodhi Boulder (Worked) 01 Jun 2003 (approx)

First female ascent.

Katy Whittaker Boulder (Worked) 16 Mar 2010
Katherine Schirrmacher Boulder (Worked)
Ben Moon Boulder (Worked)

With the toe on the rail method.

Marc le Menstrel Boulder (Worked)

Second ascent and the first ascent using a foot on the rail.

Stu Littlefair

I was there to see Marc do Brad Pit. It was pretty incredible. These days a high foot seems obvious but it was so visionary then, and he knew he was going to do it that way from the photos of Jason [Myers] on it. [1]