The Game | 8C Boulder problem

See also The Player.
Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Daniel Woods
Added at 09:10 on 20 October 2023
Drew Ruana
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Added at 18:03 on 07 March 2022
Drew Ruana
Added at 18:03 on 07 March 2022
Nick Bradley
Added at 13:03 on 29 March 2022
Nick Bradley
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Added at 18:03 on 11 March 2022
Beckett Hsin
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Added at 18:12 on 22 December 2023
Beckett Hsin
Added at 18:01 on 31 January 2024


12 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Daniel Woods Boulder | worked 10th Feb 2010 8C
First ascent. 17 sessions.

Daniel initially suggested 8C+ but later revised this to 8C.

After returning back and using the new method, The Game felt to be more like a soft v15 than 16. A couple of the holds have seemed to of grown in size from brushing. This new method is different from what I did, so therefore it is a different boulder problem. Before, I could not use these holds since they were not as positive as they are now. Regardless, it is still an amazing boulder! [1]




Carlo Traversi Boulder | worked 13th Mar 2011 8C
Second ascent.
Jon Cardwell Boulder | worked 8th Jan 2013 8C
Third ascent.
Jimmy Webb Boulder | worked 16th Jan 2016 8C
Fourth ascent.
Ryuichi Murai Boulder | worked 12th May 2019
Matt Fultz Boulder | worked 23rd Jan 2020 8C (hard)
Zach Galla Boulder | worked 16th Mar 2020 8C (hard)
Drew Ruana Boulder | worked 14th Apr 2021
Ben Burkhalter Boulder | worked 11th Feb 2022
Nick Bradley Boulder | worked 26th Feb 2022
Beckett Hsin Boulder | worked 20th Dec 2023
Nicholas Milburn Boulder | worked