Hard Sport Ascents by Women

Ascents by women of routes graded 9a+ or harder.

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23 entries on the list.

Climber Climb Grade Ascent Date
1 Angela Eiter La Planta de Shiva 9b 22nd Oct 2017
2 Laura Rogora Ali Hulk (extension total sit start) 9b 25th Jul 2020
3 Julia Chanourdie Eagle-4 9b 7th Nov 2020
4 Angela Eiter Madame Ching 9b 16th Dec 2020
5 Laura Rogora Erebor 9b 3rd Oct 2021
6 Anak Verhoeven La Planta de Shiva 9b 15th May 2024
7 Anak Verhoeven La Planta de Shiva 9b 21st May 2024
8 Josune Bereziartu Bimbaluna 9a+ 1st May 2005
9 Muriel Sarkany Punt'X 9a+ 21st Nov 2013
10 Margo Hayes La Rambla Extension 9a+ 26th Feb 2017
11 Margo Hayes Biographie 9a+ Sep 2017
12 Anak Verhoeven Sweet Neuf 9a+ Sep 2017
13 Margo Hayes Papichulo 9a+ 22nd Mar 2019
14 Anak Verhoeven Joe Mama 9a+ 5th Nov 2019
15 Julia Chanourdie Super Crackinette 9a+ 13th Mar 2020
16 Laura Rogora Pure Dreaming Plus 9a+ May 2020
17 Laura Rogora Terapia d'urto 9a+ 11th Apr 2021
18 Nolwen Berthier Super Crackinette 9a+ 19th Apr 2022
19 Anak Verhoeven No Pain No Gain 9a+ Oct 2022
20 Seo Chae-Hyun La Rambla Extension 9a+ 22nd Nov 2022
21 Michaela Kiersch La Rambla Extension 9a+ Jan 2023
22 Laura Rogora Lapsus 9a+ Nov 2023
23 Michaela Kiersch Víctima Perfecta 9a+ 7th Apr 2024